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Loudest Helmet Speakers

Good sounding helmet speakers is a luxury that every biker should take seriously. It’s easy to take for granted, but once you get those quality speakers installed, there’s no looking back. You’re suddenly part of a world that’s much clearer and sharper, with details that have always been part of your music but you never even imagined existed.

Every now and then We get e-mails from readers who like to rock out — really loud and hard. One recent one asked, “Can you recommend a nice pair of helmet speakers that can get plenty loud?”

Well, if you’ve ever taken your bike out for a long ride at high speed, you’ll know how frustrating it is to listen to mediocre speakers that aren’t loud enough.

Sifting through all the available choices to find the loudest speakers for your helmet can be daunting task. But luckily for you, we’ve sacrificed our hearing for you and compiled a list of the loudest helmet speaker on the market.

Just because a pair of tiny speakers fit in your helmet and is rechargeable, doesn’t mean it can’t pack a punch. If you’re looking for volume as well as sound quality, these options could be your new best friend.

So, without any further ado, onto the reviews…

Loudest Helmet Speakers — Reviews

1. SENA SMH10-11

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Sena is a well-reputed name in the motorcycle Bluetooth communication devices industry. It’s been around since 1998 and it offers some of the loudest helmet speakers in the market. The SMH10-11 is no exception.

This headset is featured with Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity for hands-free calling and wireless audio streaming. It’ll also let you participate in a four-way intercom communication with riding buddies up to 900 meters (980 yards) away from each other.

The Sena SMH10-11 offers up to 12 hours of talk time and around 10 days of stand-by time on a single charge. It has a Jog Dial for an intuitive user interface that is much easier to control while riding. By default, the Jog Dial lets you adjust the volume, and pushing the integrated button lets you cycle through all device functions with minimal fuss, allowing for a safe ride.

The SMH10 delivers great sound quality defined by pristine highs, great mid-range clarity and a respectable bass. Additionally, the volume on these speakers can get really loud, which is impressive at higher speeds with loud pipes. Actually, these speakers can get plenty loud to play music at hearing-loss-levels.

To boost their performance, these speakers use Advanced Noise Control™ technology which makes it possible to listen to your music without raising the volume excessively. It also cuts down on background noise for both incoming and outgoing audio.

The only downside to Sena SMH10-11 that we can reasonably think of is the hefty price tag on it. However, if you believe in “you get what you pay for”, the Sena SMH10-11 proves that axiom right.


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While Lexin might be one of the younger companies in the helmet communications industry, its reputation is on the rise. The company offers some of the best helmet speakers out there.

LEXIN LX-B4FM can be paired up to almost any Bluetooth enabled devices thanks to its Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity which allows for hands-free calls and wireless music streaming. This unit also allows for 4 way conference intercom talk at a range of 1600 meters.

This headset sports IP67 rating, so it’s safe to use in inclement weather. It has a great waterproof design with easy to use and intuitive buttons, making it a perfect companion for motorcycle helmets.

The LX-B4FM is incorporated with Lithium Ion battery which recharges in around 4 hours and provides up to 15 hours music stream, 8 hours talk time, and up to 120 hours standby time.

This unit comes with two interchangeable microphones; you can choose between a boom microphone for open face or flip-face (convertible) helmets, or a button microphone for full face helmets.

As far as sound quality is concerned, the speakers on this headset can get pretty loud for their size. Thanks to advanced noise cancellation technology, you’ll be able to hear your music over your loud pipes even at highway speed.

These speakers deliver excellent sound quality compared to the rivals. They have super-clean mids and highs, however, they’re slightly lacking in terms of bass.

3. Cardo Packtalk Bold

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This is what you can get if you’re willing to spend some serious cash. The Cardo Packtalk Bold is one of the top-rated helmet headsets in the market, for good reason.

This unit is very-well engineered and can take serious beating. It’s waterproof and dustproof, and will keep you connected come rain, shine, mud, dust or snow.

Cardo Packtalk Bold is loaded with a variety of cutting-edge features including, Bluetooth 4.1 with Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) technology, interchangeable boom and corded microphone options, self-adjusting volume, built-in FM radio, and long lasting battery with up to 13 hours talk time.

The best thing with this unit is that it’s featured with natural voice operation feature. So you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the bars. Just say “Hey Cardo” and tell it what you want, it will do the rest. With your smartphone paired, you can say “Ok Google” to control your smart phone.

This Cardo Packtalk Bold sports up to 1.6 km bike to bike range (and up to 5km with 4 or more riders), and allows you to stay connected in duo, in a group of four, or in a pack of up to fifteen riders.

This unit comes with powerful 40mm high-definition speakers by JBL, which deliver outstanding and immersive sound quality for their size even at high speeds and even with wearing ear plugs. These speakers have very good bass response, and can get plenty loud.

4. SENA 20S-EVO-01

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Yes, Sena makes a second appearance on this list, because they make great helmet headsets.

The unit at hand features Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity allowing you to listen to music, GPS and make or take calls wirelessly. It comes with Sena’s Advanced Noise Control™ which cuts down external noise so that it doesn’t interfere with incoming or outgoing audio, while the innovative intercom allows you to talk with up to 7 other riders at distances up to 2 km (1.2 miles) away.

The best with SENA 20S-EVO-01 is its multitasking technology which lets you have motorcycle helmet intercom conversation while simultaneously listening to music, FM radio, or GPS. The audio features of this unit won’t interrupt each other, but simply overlay for a smooth listening experience.

This Sena also supports hands free voice commands for complete feature control so you can maintain your eyes on the road and keep your hands on the bars.

This headset comes with powerful 40 mm speakers which sound surprisingly good and provide plenty of volume for their size. You won’t have any problems hearing through your earplugs.

With that said, it’s safe to say that SENA 20S-EVO-01’s speakers are the loudest helmet speakers at this price range.

If I had to pick some criticisms for this SENA, It would be its hefty price tag.


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On a budget and looking for the loudest helmet speakers that can get the job done without tearing a hole in your wallet? the Sena SMH5-UNIV is one you should check out.

Sena SMH5-UNIV comes with Bluetooth 3.0 technology which allows for hands-free calls and wireless audio streaming. It also allows you to participate in a two-way intercom conversation with a riding buddy up to 400 meters (430 yards) away,

The headset has a large Jog Dial and button which make for an easy to use and intuitive user interface. Pushing the button lets you cycle through all unit functions.

This unit provides up to eight hours of talk time and seven days of stand-by on a single charge. It comes with great sounding speakers that are loud enough to hear with earplugs on while at highway speeds.

This headset also comes with Sena’s Advanced Noise Control™ technology, which drastically cuts down the impact of wind noise, allowing you to easily communicate via Bluetooth intercom and make crystal clear phone calls on the go.

6. UClear Drop-in HD Helmet Speakers

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If you don’t want to spend upwards of $200 on a bluetooth system setup, or if you don’t need all those features offered by these headsets, UClear drop-in HD helmet speakers are for you.

The speakers at hand feature a universal fit, and come with a gold-plated, standard 3.5mm stereo audio jack. They’ll add a decent balance of sound to just about any helmet out there.

These 40mm speakers aren’t by any means the top of the line speaker quality like you’d get from renowned brands such as Bose or Klipsch, but they are a good bang for the buck and definitely offer better quality than stock speakers.

The UClear speakers deliver crisp sound, respectable bass, and unsurpassed music quality even at high volume levels. They’ll sound really good the closer you get them to your ears.

How to Choose Good Helmet Speakers

Helmet speakers can be rather tricky to purchase. Even with hours of research and sifting through tons of reviews and different recommendations, you can still end up buying a pair that simply doesn’t meet your expectations, especially if you’re on a tight-budget or if you’re looking for the cheap helmet speakers out there. Granted, you can always return them and try different ones, but this doesn’t guarantee that you will find what you’re looking for.

There’s a lot to consider when buying new helmet speakers. Some things are obvious, some are not. That said, make sure you get the best pair for you, with these easy tips and tricks.

Connectivity – Wired Vs. Bluetooth

How the speakers will connect to your device is one of the most important things you need to take into consideration. Generally, speakers either connect via Bluetooth or via a wire to your audio jack. The latter means the presence of a wire which could get in your way.

The thing is, Bluetooth is now the worldwide standard for wireless connectivity. The technology has finally reached the point where you can safely go wire-free with almost no downsides.

Today’s premium Bluetooth helmet speakers are great, sound quality is virtually indistinguishable from wired versions of the same thing.

Sound Quality

To enjoy a great listening experience, you need quality helmet speakers with good audio quality that can produce the loudest output without distortion and without sacrificing the clarity and crispness of the sound.

For that, you should consider speakers with noise cancelling feature. The latter helps at minimizing external noise and ensures that background distractions will be muffled enough for you to listen solely to the sound coming from the headphones. This way, you can enjoy clear, loud sound without being distracted by engine, exhaust and wind noises.


Fit is crucial. You don’t want to purchase a pair of of speakers for your helmet to find out that they’re not suitable for your style of helmet or that they press hard upon your ears inside the helmet. Awesome reviews are really irrelevant if the headphones don’t fit right.


Good build-quality and decent sound reproduction are two key factors you need to take into account when shopping for new helmet speakers. But there’s another crucial factor you need to think about and that is how comfortable they are.

Comfort goes hand in hand with fit. It doesn’t matter how good or how loud your speakers sound if they make your helmet annoyingly uncomfortable to wear, which is important if you plan on wearing it regularly for several hours in a row (not just during a commute, say).


To purchase a comfortable helmet headset that fits well, you must take size into account. When it comes to helmet speakers, the diameter and thickness of the speaker are of paramount importance to the comfort of your helmet.

It’s the space available in your helmet that dictates the size of the speakers you need to opt for. Bigger does not always mean better while the smallest option may not be the most practical one in some cases. So, choose wisely.

Easy controls & Mic

A helmet headset with easy-to-use controls is a must. Large and well-laid out buttons will greatly minimize potential distraction from the road. They’ll also make it easier for you to pick up your calls, adjust volume …etc. Most quality headsets are also featured with built-in microphone which allows you to use voice commands to control your audio.

Intercom & Operational range

In addition to wireless music streaming and GPS navigation, Bluetooth helmet headsets also allow you to connect to nearby bikers via a universal intercom. What this means is that you can enjoy a conversation with multiple riding companions whilst you’re on the road. The number of riders you can connect to varies depending on the headset.

Similarly, each model of helmet headset has a different range at which their intercoms will work. The range varies from 500 meters to 5 miles. So, if you know you’ll be using this feature most often, consider how far you and your friends are usually apart from each other, and the kind of range you would need.


Helmet speakers are one product that really does abide by the rule “you get what you pay for”. You’ll save a few dollars buying cheap helmet speakers, but the sound won’t be anything to write home about. More importantly, cheap helmet speakers tend to break down more easily.

High quality helmet speakers cost significantly more but offer longer durability and far better sound reproduction. This doesn’t mean by any means that you should go out and splurge on the most expensive helmet speakers, but rather that high-quality brands such as Sena, LEXIN, JBL helmet speakers will always have the build- and sound-quality and features that match their price tag.

6 Reasons to invest in helmet speakers

Listen to music & radio

Regardless of whether you’re taking a long road trip or you’re just doing your daily commute, listening to some music has never been a bad idea. In addition to wireless music streaming, some helmet headsets also have built-in FM radio so you can chill to your favorite radio stations.

Answer phone calls

Using a hand held mobile phone whilst riding is against the laws. Most helmet headsets allow you to make and take phone calls while you’re on the road without having to pull over. You can also use an intercom to communicate with other riders in your group.

Listen to GPS

One of the most useful features of motorcycle helmet speakers is to listen to your GPS navigation system. Simply, connect your smartphone to your headset and you’re set to receive audio instructions from your chosen map app, and never get lost again!

Block road noise

Having loud helmet speakers will reduce external noise (wind, engine, road…etc) to a minimum so you can hear your music or talk on the phone without interruption.

Avoid risky behavior

There will come times when you may be tempted to use a phone while you’re riding, which can be dangerous. Having a helmet with speakers will keep your temptations out of reach.

They’re easy to use

Helmet speakers are pretty tiny and very easy to setup. You can pair them with a Bluetooth device or plug them directly into your device.

Bottom Line

There is no denying that loud, upbeat music helps reduce stress and anxiety. Our brains love loud music because it makes us feel good from head to toes. However, studies have shown that listening to overly loud music for prolonged periods can hurt your eardrums. This doesn’t mean by any means that we need to be assigned to a life of listening to mediocre speakers.

Buying a new set of helmet speakers to find out they are really quiet no matter how much you crank up the volume can be hugely frustrating.

Sifting through all the available choices in the market can prove awfully difficult, but by keeping the choices and tips that we have shared with you in mind, we are sure that you will find the right speakers for you.

In this guide, we’ve evaluated the loudest helmet speakers money can buy. We included everything from cheap ones all the way to high-end models and a few in-between to cater for different needs, and budgets.

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