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Best Car Subwoofers Under $100

First things first: The best car subwoofers under $100 are not going to be as powerful as some high-end, expensive car subs. They aren’t going to turn your ride into a rolling thunderstorm of bass.

At under $100 it is safe to say that this is the most economy range of car subwoofers that you could lay your hands on. A sub-$100 sub might not deliver well-refined bass, but it still should easily outperform even the best car speakers in the business.

Thanks to technological advancements, today’s cheap car subwoofers are relatively powerful than you might think.

So, if you don’t have much cash to splurge on a high-end car subwoofer, here’s a list at some of the best car subwoofers under $100.


A budget car subwoofer can come in very handy whether you listen to bass-heavy music, or have just learned not to rely on your car speakers to produce bass.

Car speaker, which most of us depend on, still cannot match up to the bass quality a car subwoofer can provide. However, quality car subwoofers, as we all know, can cost an arm and a leg.

Most popular ones are priced around $200-300. There are also a few good car subwoofers that you can buy for around $100 or less.

The under $100 car subwoofer market is limited to entry-level subs which do not offer the best performance in comparison to expensive subs. However, bear in mind that compared to car speakers, even the cheapest car subwoofer offers better bass quality.

For those of you looking for a competition car subwoofer for around $100 or less, I’m sorry to disappoint you – it’s just not going to be possible I’m afraid.

Investing in the most budget-friendly car subwoofer will greatly improve your sound quality by taking the low-end load off of your speakers, and thereby eliminating the sound distortion which occurs at higher volumes.

Best Car Subwoofers Under $100 — Reviews

1. Pioneer TS-SW2502S4 

Pioneer TS-SW2502S4

  • Mica-injected resin cone
  • Elastic polymer surround
  • 3-1/8 inch mounting depth
  • High sensitivity rating

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Size 10″
Frequency range 20-125 Hz
Power Handling 
  • RMS:   300 Watts
  • Peak: 1,200 Watts
Sensitivity 91 dB
Top-mounting Depth 3-1/8″
Impedance 4 ohms

If you’re driving a small dinky vehicle that can’t accommodate a large conventional subwoofer, opting for a shallow mount subwoofer could be a decent option to consider.

Shallow mount subwoofers are designed to give you traditional “big bass” sound in a smaller, tighter space, And the Pioneer TS-SW2502S4 comes into view.

With a mounting depth of just 3-1/8″, this 10 inch shallow mount subwoofer will bring great bass to vehicles where conventional subs won’t fit.

It provides 300 watts of continuous power and up to 1,200 watts at peak, with large elastic Polymer surrounds supporting a 10″ Mica-injected resin cone. It has a frequency range of 20Hz – 125Hz.

With lows that dig down into the depths of 20Hz, you’ll score impressive low frequencies with a great sense of realism for its size.

The ultra-deep 20Hz bass response is technically lower than what your ears can perceive, but in addition to feeling bass impact in your chest, this subwoofer will add a little extra non-auditory rumble to your vehicle, so the response on this unit will be plenty for your setup.

2. Rockford Fosgate R2SD4

Rockford Fosgate R2SD4

  • Mica-injected polypropylene woofer cone
  • Poly-foam surround
  • Stamped solid-steel frame
  • 2- or 8-ohm impedance

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Size 12″
Frequency range 29-250 Hz
Power Handling 
  • RMS: 500 Watts
  • Peak: 250 Watts
Sensitivity 85 dB
Top-mounting Depth 3-5/8″
Impedance 2 ohms or 8 ohms

When it comes car subwoofers, Rockford Fosgate is probably one of the most legendary. It’s one of the most trusted names in the car audio industry. We are completely enamored with the brand’s legendary craftsmanship, build quality, and and intense attention to details.

Rockford Fosgate subwoofers are well-liked and seem to hit the sweet spot for a lot of guys. And if you frequent any of the popular car audio forums, you’ll notice that “Rockford Fosgate” comes up quite a bit. For good reason.

The R2SD4 is one of the best car subwoofer under $100 that Rockford Fosgate has to offer. This 10″ slim subwoofer is designed to dish out the kind of satisfying low-end you crave in your ride without breaking the bank.

It’s featured with a responsive mica-injected polypropylene woofer cone bonded to high-density poly-foam surround to punch out fat, deep notes.

With a mounting depth of only 3-1/2″, this subwoofer will easily fit into the tightest spots in your vehicle. Despite being slim, this subwoofer’s stamped tough steel frame offers the same venting found in standard-mount Rockford Fosgate subwoofers to keep it running cool.

This 10 inch subwoofer can handle up to 200 watts RMS and up to 400 watts at peak. It has a frequency response of 45-450 Hz. It’s designed to work equally well in a sealed (0.7 cubic feet) or ported (1.4 cubic feet) enclosure, so you can choose the kind of bass you want for your system. Furthermore, its dual 4 ohm voice coils allows for great installation flexibility. You can wire this sub for 2-ohm for maximum power output, or for 8-ohm impedance if you’re using multiple subs.

3. JBL Stage 810

JBL Stage 810

  • Polypropylene cone
  • Rubber surround
  • 4-ohm impedance
  • Suitable for sealed or ported enclosures

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Size 8″
Frequency range 38-200 Hz
Power Handling 
  • RMS:  200 Watts
  • Peak: 800 Watts
Sensitivity 88 dB
Top-mounting Depth 3-5/16″
Impedance 4 ohms

JBL is an American company that manufactures loudspeakers. It’s one of the oldest and trusted names within the audio space. The company has released everything from portable speakers to home audio systems and maintained a level of quality throughout. The same goes for its selection of car subwoofers.

The Stage 810 is one of the best car subwoofers under $100 that you can buy. This 8 inch subwoofer sports a polypropylene cone coupled with nitrile rubber surround that’ll stand up the abuses of life in your ride.

This subwoofer has 38Hz to 200Hz frequency response. At 200 watts of continuous power and the ability to handle bursts up to 800 watts, it is powerful enough to deliver energetic bass and a deep low-frequency response that you can hear and feel.

JBL Stage 810 will work equally well in sealed or ported enclosures, so you can get the kind of bass you want.

4. Infinity Kappa 1200W

Infinity Kappa 1200W

  • Coated glass-fiber cone
  • Rubber surround
  • Steel basket
  • Selectable Smart Impedance Switch

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Size 12″
Frequency range 23-400 Hz
Power Handling 
  • RMS:  500 Watts
  • Peak: 2,000 Watts
Sensitivity 91 dB
Top-mounting Depth 7-1/16″
Impedance 2 ohms or 4 ohms

If you’re looking for something that can bump out extra power, the Infinity Kappa 1200W might be the subwoofer to look at.

Infinity speakers has been in the loudspeaker industry since 1968 and has mastered the art of providing great sounding speakers. We’re quite fond of their Kappa series of speakers.

With its rugged construction and advanced engineering, the 12 inch subwoofer at hand excels in a variety of applications, equally at home in ported or sealed enclosures. It can handle a ton of power and sounds great in sealed or ported enclosures.

The biggest thing with the Infinity Kappa 1200W is the unique Selectable Smart Impedance design it’s featured with. This feature is meant to make it easier for you to build exactly the system you want — high-power or multi-sub — without complicated wiring. With a flip of a button, you switch the sub’s impedance load and safely choose between 2 or 4 ohms.

Infinity Kappa 1200W features an acoustically damped glass-fiber cone supported by rubber surround, giving you nothing but pure bass. It boasts 91 dB sensitivity and presents 23Hz to 400Hz frequency response. Its steel basket frame provides a solid base for the sub, which handles up to 500 watts RMS.

5. Alpine W12S4

Alpine W12S4

  • Polypropylene and mica cone
  • Poly-foam surround
  • Stamped steel frame

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Size 12″
Frequency range 22-200 Hz
Power Handling 
  • RMS:  250 Watts
  • Peak: 750 Watts
Sensitivity 87.9 dB
Top-mounting Depth 5-5/16″
Impedance 4 ohms

Alpine is easily one of the most reputable brands in the car entertainment industry. It’s been around since 1967 and offers everything from car speakers and subwoofer to amps and headunits of different types.

Alpine’s Bassline Series of subwoofers are designed to give you the low-frequency punch you need to create a well-balanced audio system without emptying your savings account. The W12S4 is no exception. It’s one of Alpine’s best 12 inch subwoofers under 100 dollars.

Alpine’s BassLine Alpine W12S4 12 inch sub sports a rigid polypropylene/mica cone that won’t flex under high volumes and cause distortion, while its poly-foam surround increase the lifetime of the sub. The solid steel frame on the other hand give the cone the support it needs to pump out the volume.

Speaking of which, this subwoofer can handle up to 250 watts RMS. It has 22Hz to 200Hz frequency response and 87.9 dB sensitivity. Its 4-ohm impedance makes it a great match for most amplifiers.

6. Kicker 43CVR104

Kicker 43CVR104

  • Injection-molded polypropylene cone
  • Ribbed Santoprene rubber surround
  • Dual 4-ohm voice coils
  • 2 ohms or 8 ohms impedance

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Size 10″
Frequency range 25-500 Hz
Power Handling 
  • RMS:  350 Watts
  • Peak: 700 Watts
Sensitivity 83.6 dB
Top-mounting Depth 5-1/2″
Impedance 4 ohms

From a name well-known to audiophiles, and deserving of their brilliant reputation, Kicker offers the 43CVR104, a reasonably-priced 10 inch subwoofer designed to deliver deep bass and a good low-frequency response without tearing a hole in your wallet.

We’ve reviewed a ton of Kicker products on this site before, and the story hasn’t changed. Kicker makes quality products for more than a reasonable price. The 43CVR104 subwoofer is no exception.

This subwoofer provides 350 watts of continuous power and 700 watts dynamic, with reliable ribbed Santoprene rubber surrounds supporting a 10 inch polypropylene cone with a diamond array pattern.

The sub’s unique SoloKon™ cone with its 360-degree back bracing keeps going strong under heavy load, while perimeter venting in the solid steel frame keeps the voice coils running cool for optimal performance.

This subwoofer will work equally well in sealed or ported enclosures. It features dual 4 ohm voice coils for superior wiring flexibility.

7. Pioneer TS-SWX2502

Pioneer TS-SWX2502

  • Sealed enclosure
  • 5/8 inch MDF covered wrapped in black carpet
  • Loaded with 10 inch slim subwoofer

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Size 10″
Frequency range 20-200 Hz
Power Handling 
  • RMS:  300 Watts
  • Peak: 1,200 Watts
Sensitivity 89 dB
Dimensions 18-3/4″W x 5-7/8″H x 12″D
Impedance 4 ohms

If you’re looking to add some bass to your ride without all the headaches of matching up a sub with a compatible enclosure, then Pioneer TS-SWX2502 is a good option to consider. It’s one of the best pre-loaded subwoofer enclosure that you can buy for around $100.

Pioneer’s TS-SWX2502 enclosure sports a shallow compact design which allows it to fit in in a wide variety of car trunks and truck applications, and delivers powerful performance without taking up a lot of space. At only 6 inches deep, this pre-loaded enclosure will easily fit in most standard-cab, extended-cab, or crew-cab pick-ups.

This sealed enclosure is made of 5/8″ MDF, and is supported with internal bracing to reduce unwanted resonances for a naturally detailed and rhythmic sound. Additionally, It’s wrapped in black carpet creating a non-slip and scratch resistant surface.

The enclosure is loaded with one Pioneer 10″ shallow-mount subwoofer with a Mica reinforced IMPP (Injection Molded Polypropylene) composite cone. This low profile sub uses an oversized cone structure that provides more surface area without changing the external dimensions. This allows the sub to produce louder deeper bass by moving more air.

Additionally, this sub features a dual spider design which provides more cone motion control for increased stiffness stabilizing the excursion of the cone and maintain the sub’s linear movement needed to pump out accurate bass response.

This 10 inch subwoofer can handle up to 300 watts of continuous musical power. It has a frequency response of 20-200 Hz (-20 dB).

Pioneer TS-SWX2502 is an excellent value for the money. It packs a nice punch for its size. If you want clean hard hitting bass without spending a ton of cash, this Pioneer is prefect. However, if glass shaking bass is your thing, I’m afraid this isn’t the subwoofer to get.

8. JL Audio 10W0V3-4

Size 10″
Frequency range 25-250 Hz
Power Handling 
  • RMS:  300 Watts
  • Peak: 600 Watts
Sensitivity 84.07 dB
Top-mounting Depth 4-15/16″
Impedance 4 ohms

Jl Audio is another well-reputed brand in the consumer audio industry. They’ve been around since 1975 and have making all sort of audio equipment including marine, home, and mobile audio products. They’re best known for their quality subwoofers.

The 10W0V3-4 is one of the best budget-friendly car subwoofers that JL Audio has to offer. This sub is optimised to deliver trademark JL performance. It sports a tough polypropylene cone that’s bonded to large roll surround for long lasting performance. The cone’s precise, and extra-long excursion capability lets the sub hit truly deep notes without distorting, while its beefy 2 inch diameter voice coil drives the woofer accurately for top-notch performance under extreme conditions.

Its advanced cooling system on the other hand allows air flow directly to the voice coil for rapid heat dissipation, and thereby greater power handling and reliability.

Speaking of power-handling, the Jl Audio 10W0V3-4 can handle up to 300 watts of power on continuous basis, and it’s optimized to operate in compact sealed or medium-sized ported enclosures.

For a 10 inch subwoofer, the 10W0V3-4 sounds clean, and hits lows very well. If properly powered, this sub can get quite loud and clear.

9. Skar Audio VVX-8v3 D4

Skar Audio VVX-8v3 D4

  • 8-inch Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coil Configuration
  • Competition Grade Pressed Paper Cone
  • High Roll Foam Surround
  • 2 inch High Temperature Copper Voice Coil

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Size 8″
Frequency range 55 – 500 Hz
Power Handling 
  • RMS: 400 Watts
  • Peak: 800 Watts
Sensitivity 82.3 dB
Top-mounting Depth N/A
Impedance 4 ohms

Skar Audio is a newly established brand. They were founded in 2012. However, despite being new to the industry, Skar Audio has smoked the competition in the speaker, subwoofer and amplifier categories winning high praise from customers in all sound quality, build quality and price categories.

Skar Audio offers some of the best cheap car subwoofers in the market. However, they don’t forfeit quality for low prices.

The VVX-8v3 D4 is one of the best budget-friendly 8 inch car subwoofers under $100 that Skar Audio has to offer. It’s designed to be a high performance, competition grade subwoofer that can take serious amounts of power thanks to its competition grade paper cone, which, when combined with a high temperature 2-inch copper voice coil, an advanced cooling design, and the sub’s new custom tooled basket allow for exceptional performance.

Speaking of which, this little beast can handle up to 400 watts of power RMS. It can hit as low as a claimed 55Hz and as far up as 500Hz.

Skar Audio VVX-8v3 D4 is a great, budget-friendly 8 inch subwoofer that truly make a night and day difference. If properly powered, this sub sound quite loud and deliver deep, pounding bass.

10. Dual Electronics SBP8A

Dual Electronics SBP8A

  • Rigid polypropylene cone
  • Durable rubber surround
  • Enlarged Acrylic viewing window
  • Acoustically matched enclosure
  • Durable carpeted enclosure with reinforced construction

Last update on 2022-12-04 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Size 8″
Frequency range 20-200 Hz
Power Handling 
  • RMS:  80 Watts
  • Peak: 160 Watts
Sensitivity NA
Dimensions 15.35″ W X 9.22″ D X 15.35″ H
Impedance NA

So you’re a basshead on a budget, and you’re looking for an all-in-one bass solution? No problem. The Dual Electronics SBP8A might be a good option for you.

The SBP8A is one of the best powered car subwoofers under $100 that you can buy. It houses an 8 inch subwoofer powered by a built-in amplifier in a relatively large Bandpass enclosure, so you can get that bass impact everyone around your vehicle can feel, all at an affordable price!

This Dual Electronics car powered enclosure sports a stylish design with its full view, curved plexiglass window and the cool LED Illuminates lighting system that provides a cool blue glow which will make your vehicle look as great as it sounds.

This little bass system is featured with built-in Ventilated Control Circuitry System which is designated to dissipate heat away and help keep the subwoofer run cool during peak usage for consistent bass output and nonstop music entertainment.

It comes with phase control, input level control, as well as low- and high-level inputs for factory headunits without RCA outputs. Not to mention an adjustable crossover frequency control which is meant to filter out frequencies above 70Hz ~ 200Hz.

The Dual SBP8A is a great bang for the buck. I mean, think about it, an all-in-one bass system for less than $100. That’s a major bargain. However, as with most car subs at this price point, the Dual SBP8A isn’t going to win any competition, yet still it would be a great budget addition to any car audio system.

P.S: At the time of writing this article, this powered subwoofer was listed for around $89. It was a great deal back then. Now, it looks like they bumped up the price to over 200 dollars which is way too much.


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