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Best Car Speakers For Bass and Sound Quality

A good pair of speakers can instantly supercharge your car audio system, bringing out every nuance and detail in your favorite tracks, thereby making time spent in your car seem more like a concert than a commute.

Whether its listening to classical pieces from Mozart or Rihanna’s newest single, you shouldn’t have to miss out on enjoying your favorites whilst driving. But with so many great-sounding car speakers to choose from, how do you know which ones are the best?

The abundance of excellent options out there can make it tough to pick the best combination of value, sound, and performance for you. That’s where we come in. To help you make an informed buying decision, we did the research and narrowed down the choices to just a few speakers that offer true quality for their price.

These are the best car speakers for bass and sound quality you can buy. They feature some of the most powerful audio drivers ever designed and engineered, pumping out pristine sound at extraordinary volumes with minimum distortion.

Best Car Speakers For Bass and Sound Quality

1. JBL

Within the audio space, JBL is one of the oldest and renowned names. The company has been in business for a long time and has released everything from home audio systems to headphones and maintained a level of quality throughout. The same goes for its selection of car speakers.

JBL GTO Series Speakers

If you’re in the market for new car speakers, JBL GTO speakers are a good choice to consider. JBL GTO speakers are some of the best car speakers for bass and sound quality that you can buy, all things considered. They’re very well-engineered, and are designed from the ground up to act as a hi-fi solution for those who want great bass and sound quality in their vehicle.

These speakers use JBL’s Patented Plus One woofer-cone technology, which expands the diaphragm area of the cone to give you better low-frequency response. Thanks to this technology, these speakers sport more overall speaker-cone area than other cones in their class. With an effective increase in cone area, the speakers are capable of radiating more air, hence better low frequency response and a greater ability to reproduce those important musical notes that people often associate with larger speaker sizes.

Speaking of musical notes and details, these speakers are featured with Edge-driven soft dome tweeters which allow for crisp details and bright highs that will easily cut through road, and engine noise and complement bass output. JBL GTO 6X9 speakers add in super-tweeters for even brighter details.

JBL GTO speakers use a UniPivot™ design which is a tweeter-mounting system that allows easy flush or surface mounting, giving you more installation options. Thanks to this feature you can aim the tweeter’s sound more directly at your ears, for a more detailed soundstage. Furthermore, you can use the adjustable level control to tweak your tweeters to your liking, so these speakers’ sound is customized to your car.

These JBL speakers are designed to perform. They can handle a ton of power on continuous basis and are sport a high sensitivity rating. Having said, these speakers will sound great running off your car receiver, but they’ll truly come into their own when driven by an external amplifier.

2. Polk Audio

If you’ve ever taken any interest in speakers or higher-end audio, Polk Audio is a brand you likely recognize, and for good reason.

Polk Audio has been in business for quite a long time and has been able to carve out a place for itself as a viable competitor.

Polk car speakers are among the best car speakers for bass and sound quality that we’ve ever tested. We’ve come across a ton of people who have used Polk Audio speakers and swear by them.

Polk Audio dB Series

We are completely enamored with Polk Audio’s legendary craftsmanship, masterpieces and relentless attention to details. Their dB series speakers are built from the ground up with quality in mind.

Polk Audio dB series of speakers sport a unique style, and that’s what sets them apart from the other speakers out there. They come with stainless steel mounting hardware and muscular ABS grilles that will add a stylish touch to your car’s interior.

Polk Audio car speakers are marine certified. They’re built with high-grade materials that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. To ensure that, Polk Audio put them under grueling tests such as high temperature, salt solution and Ultra Violet tests in order to to see how effectively they could stand up to a harsh marine environment. Hence, you can mount these speakers in various applications including boats of all types, off-road vehicles, as well as in your vehicle.

Polk Audio dB speakers feature rigid woofers made from a polymer/mica composite and durable rubber surrounds that won’t fall apart under stress from heat, moisture, or time.

Additionally, these speakers use liquid-cooled 3/4″ silk/polymer dome tweeters with powerful Neodymium magnets to deliver crisp details and bright highs that will easily cut through road, and engine noise. Polk Audio 6X9 dB speakers went ahead and add in extra 3/4″ dome super-tweeters which add even more sparkle to reproduce your music’s natural intricacies.

As if that’s not enough, these speakers use built-in crossovers network to keep the high and low frequencies flowing to the proper drivers for a well-balanced sound.

3. Rockford Fosgate

Rockford Fosgate is a pretty big name in the car audio industry. It’s been around since 1973 and has mastered the art of manufacturing top-notch products.

Rockford Fosgate products don’t really need an introduction. If you frequent any of the popular car audio forums, you’ll notice that “Rockford Fosgate” comes up quite a bit. For good reason.

Rockford Fosgate Punch

Rockford Fosgate speakers fall into three main series. There’s “Prime” series for entry-level speakers, “Punch” series for mid-level speakers, and “Power” series for high-end speakers.

Rockford Fosgate’s Punch speakers represent the perfect mix of power and price. They come in coaxial and component configurations, and in a variety of sizes, ranging from 3.5″ all the way up to 6″x9″. Full-range speakers come in two way configurations, three-way configurations, and four-way configuration to satisfy any listening preference.

They can fit into most factory-speaker enclosures out there thanks to their flex fit basket and multi OEM adapters.

They’re designed from the ground up to bring you quality sound and extreme versatility thanks to new technologies such as VAST (Vertical Attach Surround Technique), which increases speaker’s effective radiating cone area by up to 25% for dramatically cleaner and more powerful sound. With this, nominal efficiency and maximum output capabilities are significantly improved.

Rockford Fosgate Punch speakers come equipped with mineral-filled polypropylene cones bonded to butyl rubber surround for long lasting performance.

Furthermore, these speakers use built-in concealed crossovers hidden in the basket of the speaker to block out unwanted frequencies from the tweeters, giving you an overall better sound quality and better look.

All speakers in the “Punch” series are CEA2031 compliant. They crank out surprisingly strong bass and well-balanced sound throughout the audible frequency range, making them a solid choice if you’re looking for the best car speakers for bass and sound quality.

4. JL Audio 

JL audio is the go-to brand if you’re a serious audio fanatic. The company has been in the loudspeakers industry since 1975 and has mastered it all.

JL Audio speakers are relatively pricey for the most part. If you believe that you get what you pay for, JL Audio’s car speakers prove that axiom right. Their entry-level speakers, however, offer compelling performance at a price within reach of any enthusiast.

JL Audio C2 Series

JL Audio C2 speakers are the brand’s best selling car speakers. They come at a price premium, however, they offer a perfect balance of solid build quality, and Hi-Fi sound (on and off-axis).

JL Audio Evolution C2 speakers come in all common speaker sizes and in a variety of configurations. They’re designed from the ground up to crank out sparkling highs, smooth mid-range and powerful bass thanks to their rugged, mineral-filled polypropylene woofers with butyl rubber surround and silk dome tweeters. The built-in sealed crossovers make sure your music plays smoothly across the whole audible musical spectrum.

With all of that being said, it’s safe to say that JL Audio Evolution C2 series of speakers are truly the best speakers for bass and sound quality in the market.

5. Alpine

Alpine has been in the loudspeaker industry for over five decades now. It’s a company well-known for creating car speakers on the high end of the price and power scale.

Alpine Type R Series

Alpine type R car speakers are a major step up from stock speakers. They’ve always been synonymous with top-notch sound quality. They are built to handle a ton of power and deliver renowned sound quality which makes them well-liked.

Alpine type R speakers are available in all common speaker sizes and in both coaxial and component configurations. They take it beyond getting loud and specialized in handling enormous power and sound reproduction with extreme clarity. They rely on multi-layer hybrid fiber cone and a smooth silk dome tweeters for well-refined bass and pristine highs.

Alpine doesn’t cut costs with cheaper materials. They use powerful neodymium magnets on the entire series. This allows the mounting depth of the speaker to be smaller without sacrificing on power handling.

These speakers also use an HD polymer frame instead of a steel frame than on most other speakers. This allows the speakers to be stronger, lighter, and much easier to install.

With all of that being said, if you’re willing to step up your game, you won’t regret buying Alpine type R speakers.

6. Kenwood

Kenwood is another well-reputed legacy speaker maker that makes a range of speakers. Kenwood has been in business since 1947, and you could say they know a thing or two about sound.

Kenwood Performance series of speakers are built to offer a perfect balance of sound quality and affordable pricing, they are going to satisfy all your needs unless you’re not looking for something outrageous.

Kenwood Performance Series

With Kenwood’s Performance Series speakers are designed to be a budget-friendly option to clean up sound your muddy factory sound. Kenwood has incorporated new technology into these speakers to give you the best sonic without tearing a hole in your wallet.

Kenwood Performance speakers come in coaxial and component configurations and are available in all common speaker sizes.

Let’s start with the component speakers which come in two sizes: 6-1/2″ (KFC-P710PS) and 5-1/4″ (KFC-P710PS). Both systems come with two woofers and two 1″ dome tweeters.

They’re featured with Diamond Array Pattern injection polypropylene woofer cones, which increases the cone strength and reduces distortion. For an easy installation, these speakers are fitted with inline built-in crossover network. These speakers are almost identical besides size and power.

Now, as far as full-range speakers are concerned, Kenwood offers a range of speakers of different sizes and configurations. They use polypropylene woofer cones with rubber surround, and balanced dome tweeters.

These speakers are also featured with an Acoustic Sound Harmonizer which improves response in the 3000 to 4000 Hz range, and Kenwood’s proprietary Sound Field Enhancer which enhances sound dispersion and widens the sound field.

7. Kicker

Kicker is probably best known for its powerful subwoofers, but they also make some powerful car speakers. Kicker has a long reputation as one of the finest speaker makers around.

Kicker CS Series

Kicker CS car speakers are among the best selling speakers in the market. They come in a number of different sizes, so you can get them all the way down to a 3.5″ inches or all the way up to 6″x9″. They also come in various configurations, so you can choose either coaxial or component versions.

These speakers are designed to be a high-grade replacement to stock speakers. They’re featured with polypropylene woofer cones bonded to polyester foam surround. They serve up stellar bass, so if you’re not ready to add a powerful sub yet, these speakers are definitely going to cover you for that.

To complement their bass response, these speakers use Polyetherimide (PEI) balanced dome tweeters for crystal clear highs.

Kicker CS speakers are shallow enough to fit in most factory enclosures. They’ll work great with a factory radio or aftermarket receiver, but to enjoy enjoy classic Kicker quality with more detail and punch, pair these babies to an outboard amplifier.

8. Skar Audio

Skar Audio may be a new name in audio for some people, but their reputation is on the rise. It isn’t as well-known as some brands but they know how to build solid speakers.

While Skar Audio makes a wide variety of car audio components, their car speakers are consistently highly rated.

Skar Audio TX Series

Skar Audio offers a variety of car speakers of different sizes and designs. Their TX speaker series seem to hit the sweet spot for a lot of guys. The speakers in this series offer a good bang for the buck and represent the perfect mix of performance and price.

Skar Audio TX speakers come in all common speaker sizes you can think of. They come in full-range and component design as well.

These speakers are designed for the audiophile seeking sound perfection on a budget. They are quite powerful and efficient, delivering an unrivaled listening experience thanks to their 1-inch high fidelity silk dome tweeters, and fiberglass cones supported by the premium TPE surround.

Engineered for sound excellence, these speakers use high quality copper voice coil as well as a premium ferrite magnet, providing more than enough power to breath life into your audio system.

All in all, Skar Audio TX speakers are a great option if you’re looking to ditch your old stock speakers or upgrade your aftermarket system.

9. Infinity

Infinity is another iconic brand in the audio industry. The company was founded in Los Angeles in 1968 and has a long tradition of making quality speakers.

Infinity has been part of the Harman International Industries group since 1983, the latter also includes JBL. That’s the reason why most JBL and Infinity speakers share the same technologies and offer pretty much identical performance, give or take.

Infinity Kappa Series

Infinity speakers offer exemplary sound quality and high performance at reasonable prices. Their Kappa Series car speakers don’t rest on those laurels.

Being featured with Infinity’s proprietary technology, and premium materials, these speakers are built to deliver the kind of uncompromising sonic fidelity that audiophiles demand.

Infinity Kappa speakers come in a variety of sizes and configurations. They’re featured with plus One+ glass-fiber woofer cone with hi-roll rubber surround and edge-driven, soft dome tweeters.

The glass fiber on the other hand weighs less than traditional materials, so you don’t need a ton of power to drive these speakers, but the oversized voice coils certainly help them handle a great amount of power on continuous basis.

Infinity’s Plus One+ woofer technology extends the cone right up to the edge of the basket, giving you more surface area than with most comparable speakers — and a bigger cone means more bass to complement the superior high-frequency response.

10. Pioneer

Out of all the brands in the car audio space, none have set the standard the way Pioneer has. Pioneer is generally viewed as one of the top companies in the industry, delivering great car speakers with crisp sound at reasonable prices. These car speakers are evidence of that at every scale.

Pioneer A-Series

Pioneer A series are some of the top-rated car speakers out there that come with a friendly price tag. They’re designed to be a high-grade replacement to factory-installed speakers.

Pioneer A series speakers typically deliver when it comes to sound quality, so sound shouldn’t be an issue. These speakers are featured with highly rigid Multilayer Mica Matrix Cone structure for a wider dispersion of sound with deeper bass.

Additionally, these speakers use an extra midrange driver which is meant to get the most out of chunky guitar riffs, powerful drums, and distinct bass lines that have always been part of your music but remained hidden when listening on sub-par speakers.

To ensure a rich experience in the upper frequencies, these speakers are equipped with 3/8″ PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) dome tweeters which are designed to deliver an improved range of mid to high frequencies and produce optimized sound at higher volumes without strain.

Despite being budget-friendly, Pioneer A series speakers are quite responsive can handle a great deal of power. The 6-1/2″ speakers feature a sensitivity rating of 90 dB and can handle up to 50 watts of power RMS. Their bigger counterparts – 6X9 speakers – sport 92 dB sensitivity rating and can handle up 90 watts of power on continuous basis.

Having said that, If you are on a budget and looking for modestly-priced car speakers that can pump out great bass and sound quality, we can’t think of a better option than Pioneer A series speakers.

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