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Best Car Speaker Brands

Car speakers shopping is tough. There are lots of different kinds to choose among, and the prices range from around a few bucks into the hundreds of dollars. At Crystal Stereo, we’ve reviewed tons of different speakers, and we can guide you through the options.

When you’re shopping for car speakers, the brand matters as much as the specs and features. That’s why we evaluated the 5 biggest car speakers brands to determine which offer the best combination of sound quality, cutting-edge innovation, sleek designs and strong value.

If you’re just getting started, the first decision is whether to choose a basic set of speakers (aka coaxial speakers) or an advanced one (component speakers). Here’s the difference: If you’re on a budget and looking for a decent replacement to your factory speakers, no fuss, no muss, then coaxial speakers are your best bet. If you’re a serious audiophile who is not easily satisfied, you should look at component speakers.

Once you make that first decision, it’s time to get a bit more detailed.

Disclaimer on Our Best Car Speaker Brands

To be honest, there are not just two or three car audio brands in the market that rate well, but many car audio brands have stormed the market and several others have improved on their quality and reliability as well. I have listed below my favorites in terms of those that I think qualify as the best car speaker brands.

Have a look! It might help you in analyzing the different brands to see which ones would be best for you and your car.

1. JBL Car Speakers – GTO Series

I have talked a lot about this brand in other posts! But this post is about the best car speaker brands, and JBL speakers, while not the cheapest, certainly are in the top group of best car speakers brands. Yes, the price point may seem high, but so is the quality!

JBL is one of the biggest manufacturers of speakers in the world. They’ve been in business for a very long time and have mastered the art of providing quality speakers of different types and sizes. So, whether you’re looking for 6.5, 6X9, 5X7 or 5.25 speakers, you name it, JBL has you covered.

We’re quite fond of JBL’s GTO speakers, which are some of the best selling car speakers on the market. This series of speakers seem to hit the sweet spot for a lot of guys as they’re very well-engineered, and are designed to provide a well-balanced sound throughout the audible frequency spectrum.

JBL’s GTO series of speakers are built with high quality materials. They’re featured with carbon-injected woofer cones supported with butyl rubber surround for more refined bass and long-lasting performance. These woofers are designed with JBL’s unique Plus One technology which expands the diaphragm area of the cone allowing for more overall speaker-cone area, thereby, a better low-frequency response and less effort to produce those important musical details that people often associate with larger speaker sizes.

Additionally, these speakers sport edge-driven silk dome tweeters which ensure a rich experience in the upper frequencies. Each of these tweeters is featured with an adjustable level control that you can use to adjust the musical brightness to your liking. As if that’s not enough, these speakers also feature a uniPivot™ design which allows you to swivel the tweeters and aim them more directly at your ears for a more detailed soundstage.

JBL GTO speakers’ wide frequency response that extends beyond 20kHz helps to compensate for speaker-mounting variations in your car and for human hearing deficiencies in the high-frequency spectrum above 15kHz.

As far as tech specs go, these speakers boast high sensitivity ratings and can handle a great amount of power on continuous basis. So, whether you have a low-powered sound system running off a factory headunit or an outboard amp, you can’t go wrong with these speakers.

So you can see that it’s a reliable brand and based on my experience in car audio industry, it is also one of the best selling and trusted brands.

2. Infinity Car Speakers – Kappa & Reference Series

All I can say is that this is a time tested brand that could capture the top slot of best car speaker brands. They have a few extremely compelling car speakers lineups, headlined by the “Kappa” series.

Infinity have earned their name as one of the most trusted and innovative brands. This company is younger than JBL, however, it’s one of the biggest manufacturers of quality speakers in the world. Do you know I still have Infinity speakers on one of my cars (Hyundai) for close to 8 years and they’re still performing exceptionally well? Infinity speakers are globally well-known for their excellent quality and best durability.

Infinity offers three major series of speakers, Reference, Primus and Kappa. We are pretty fond of the latter despite their relatively high price tag. So, If you’ve got a few extra bucks to spare, look at Infinity Kappa speakers. Otherwise, opt for “Reference” speakers which offer a good value for the buck, especially if you’re just looking for an easy replacement to your factory-installed speakers without much fuss.

Once installed, Infinity Kappa car speakers will bring out every nuance and detail in your tracks, making time spent in your car seem more like a concert than a commute. These speakers are featured with 1″ edge-driven, soft dome tweeters which are designed to deliver natural-sounding high frequencies. Thanks to the “edge-driven” design, these tweeters are a bit larger than regular “W”-shaped domes, thereby, they can handle more power and deliver smooth response way down into midrange frequencies. That said, you’ll hear a more clearly defined soundstage where you can picture the placement of every instrument.

As with JBL GTO speakers, Infinity Kappa speakers feature UniPivot design which allows you to aim each tweeter toward your ears for an excellent stereo imaging even if your speakers are mounted way down low in your doors. Each tweeter also features an adjustable level control so you can tweak the brightness to your taste.

As far as lows are concerned, Infinity Kappa speakers use glass fiber woofers supported with hi-roll rubber surround. These woofers are designed to hold their shape when you blast out your favorite tracks. Unlike cheap factory speakers, these speakers use Glass fiber material which is quite lightweight, thus, you don’t need a ton of power to drive these guys.

You’ll find Infinity’s Plus One+ woofer technology at work here. This technology extends the cone right up to the edge of the basket, giving you more surface area than with most comparable speakers. And you might already know, bigger woofers means more refined bass to complement superior high frequency response.

3. Pioneer Car Speakers

This is one of the most recognized car audio brands out there. They offer a wide array of car audio products including headunits, amplifiers, Subwoofers and speakers of different types. They’ve been around for quite a long time an their products are very well-engineered. We’ve come a ton of people who have used Pioneer car audio components and swear by them.

Pioneer offers four major speakers lineups : the D-series, A-series, G-series, and Z-series. They also have marine certified speakers as well as special application speakers.

  • A-series : These are Pioneer’s best selling car speakers. They are designed to deliver great overall audio quality with exceptional power handling and loudness. Pioneer A series speakers are a great option to consider if you’re looking for impressive sound quality without breaking the bank.A-series speakers feature sensitive tweeters, and bigger woofer cones. So, if warm sound, nice high notes, full and refined bass are what you’re after, A-series speakers could be a great buy.


  • G-series : These are quite affordable car speakers. They’re meant to be a decent replacement to factory-installed speakers.


  • D-series : These are a bit more expensive speakers than the previous series. They’re not that well-known due to the fact that their sound quality is more or less similar to A series’ speakers.

4. Kicker Car Speakers

Kicker is another authoritative brand in the car audio industry. They were established in 1973. Their Living Loud legacy began as a two-man operation working in a car garage to hand-build professional-speaker systems.

With very limited resources, but an intense love for music, company founder successfully invented the mobile-stereo enclosure market, which was the first full frequency-range speaker box designed specifically for vehicles. Since that historic moment, building quality speakers capable of delivering concert-like audio quality with renowned bass and accurate sound has always been the KICKER way.

Kicker provides a wide range of speakers and tweeters to choose from including our QS, KS, CS, and DS Series that deliver remarkable performance.So, whether you are looking for deep bass or clear and rich vocals, Kicker has you covered.

They have a variety of price points depending upon the type and the size of speakers that you choose. This means that it is likely that you can find one to fit any budget. So if costs are a concern, Kicker offers several quality car speakers at an affordable price.

Performance wise, Kicker speakers gives tough competition to other brands. The best part about these speakers is that their prices are usually at a perfect balance.

  • DS Series : These speakers are designed to be a great replacement to factory-installed speakers. With stiff polypropylene cones and ribbed, UV-treated foam surrounds these speakers will give you the realism and power you’ve always wanted.


  • CS Series : These speakers were designed to give a huge bump in sound quality. Thanks to their heavy-duty motor/magnet structure with EVC™ (Extended Voice Coil), Polypropylene cones and ribbed, UV-treated surrounds, these speakers can deliver remarkable performance and refined bass.


  • KS Series : KS series speakers are a bit more advanced than the others above. With good sensitivity ratings and high power-handling ratings, these speakers are a great option for those of you who like to turn it up. However, the audio quality is only average.


  • QS Series: The QS-Series are more than just the best sounding speakers Kicker has ever made. If you believe in “you get what you pay for”, Kicker QS-Series speakers proves that axiom right.These technical marvels use high-grade materials to deliver the sparkling highs and hyper-accurate midrange you need to feel like you’re front row center, making time spent in your car seem more like a concert than a commute.

5. Rockford Fosgate Car Speakers

Rockford Fosgate is another well-established, renowed brand in the car audio industry. They company was established in 1973 by Jim Fosgate and has been offering quality products ever since.

Rockford Fosgate car speakers are quite affordable. And With most of their speakers under $60, you can get a really decent pair. You can also find many Rockford Fosgate speakers – particularly component speakers at higher price points – from $70 up into the $200 range. But again, some of our favorites are less expensive.

Overall, Rockford Fosgate offers different car speakers series, however even the most budget-friendly ones offer great value for the price.

  • Prime Series : These entry-level speakers are very affordable and provide better overall sound quality compared to factory speakers despite their relatively below-average high frequency accuracy and poor power-handling ratings.


  • Punch Series : Rockford Fosgate designed the “Punch” speakers as a high-grade replacement for your factory speakers. If you like to listen to powerful music — and feel it too — Punch speakers will give you an impressive sound that’ll make a night and day difference.


  • Power Series : These are the best car speakers that Rockford Fosgate has to offer. They’re slightly more expensive than the other two series however, they’re top-notch quality speakers built for the true car audio enthusiast. The speakers in this series use advanced design elements to ensure that they’ll deliver superior sound in your vehicle for a very long time.

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