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Best Car Door Speakers For Bass

Factory car speakers leave a lot to be desired. That’s the reason why we highly recommend upgrading them to new aftermarket ones.

Upgrading your car speakers is the single most cost-effective improvement you can make to your car audio system. New aftermarket speakers will put the life back into your music. Not only are they relatively inexpensive, but they also aren’t terribly difficult to install.

Searching for the best car door speakers for bass is a bewildering task. There are tons and tons of car speakers out there. And when you have that many car speakers, there’s an awful lot of rubbish you need to wade through to find what you’re looking for.

Luckily for you, we are here to help. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you. In this article we review the top 5 best car door speakers of 2018 that outperform the rest in terms of price, audio performance, and come highly recommended for bassheads.

These car door speakers are very well-put-together. They’re designed for high volume output, crisp clear sound reproduction and solid bass response to spice up your vehicle.

Any of these speakers would be great buys. Much of it comes down to personal preference. Like with any product, you can get some really, really nice sounding pair of speakers with solid bass if you’re willing to shell out some serious dough, but there really are great products in every price range.

So, without further any ado, onto the reviews…

Best Car Door Speakers For Bass

1- JBL GTO609C

Size 6-1/2″
Design Component
Frequency range 53-21,000 Hz
Power Handling 
  • RMS:  90 Watts
  • Peak: 270 Watts
Sensitivity 93 dB
Top-mount Depth 2-1/16″
Impedance 3 ohms

There are a million car speakers on the market but JBL has always stood near the top. They’ve always been a trusted brand when it comes to blasting out big sounds. Their line of GTO car speakers are among the top rated car speakers in the market.

If you’re in the market for new car door speakers, you’ve just found a serious contender. We personally think JBL GTO speakers are worth every penny.

These speakers are designed to deliver pristine highs, rich Lows, and punchy lows. JBL likes to brag about its patented Plus One woofer-cone technology which delivers a woofer cone with up to 30 percent more surface area than competing models with the same basket size.

This allows for increased bass output and increased efficiency. I mean, think about it: Speakers make sound by vibrating air,thus the larger the woofer cone, the more air it can move, and the more bass it’ll produce. Furthermore, the larger the cone diameter, the louder it can play the lower frequencies.

JBL GTO series speakers boast high sensitivity rating. Sensitivity rating is one of the most important factors to take into account when looking for car speakers. It measures how much sound a speaker yields from the power applied to it. The amount of power required to deliver the same volume decreases almost by half with each sensitivity increase of 3dB. That said, GTO speakers with 94 dB only need about 50 watts to produce relatively the same volume of a 91dB speaker using 100 watts. Therefore, these speakers will sound great running off your factory-installed headunit, but they’ll truly shine when hooked up to an aftermarket headunit or an external amplifier.

In addition to being quite sensitive, these speakers can also handle a ton of power on continuous basis (RMS). The only downside to these speakers, that we can reasonably think of is their relatively narrow frequency range. I mean while most car door speakers can hit as low as 35HZ, these GTO609C 6.5 component speakers can only reach 53Hz. That’s not to say that these speakers sound muddy and muffled. Quite honestly, their bass response, particularly the upper and mid bass is near perfect, mid range is accurate and natural, and the highs are very crisp.

Speaking of highs, these speakers are featured with 3/4″ edge-driven silk dome tweeters with JBL’s versatile I-mount and Starfish mounting hardware, which gives you plenty of options for flush- or surface-mounting these tweeters.

2- Infinity Kappa 62.11I

Size 6-1/2″
Design 2-way coaxial
Frequency range 45-25,000 Hz
Power Handling 
  • RMS:  75 Watts
  • Peak: 225 Watts
Sensitivity 95 dB
Top-mount Depth 2-1/8″
Impedance 2-ohm

Infinity is one of the most recognized loudspeakers brands out there. They’ve been in the industry for quite a long time, and are known for their long tradition of making quality speakers of different types. Infinity has been part of the Harman International Industries group since 1983, which also includes JBL.

We’re quite fond of Infinity Kappa series of car speakers. They are among the best selling car speakers on the market, and that’s no coincidence. They’re very well-engineered and and would be a great investment for anyone who’s looking for great sounding car speakers for a reasonable price.

Infinity’s Kappa Series 62.11i 6-1/2″ speakers are some of the best car door speakers with good bass that you can buy. These speakers continue in the tradition of this legendary line of speakers, offering rugged construction and impressive sound quality.

These speakers are featured with glass fiber woofers which deliver punchy bass and hold their shape even when the power’s cranked up. Glass fiber is a lightweight material, so so you don’t need a ton of power to drive these woofers.

Additionally, these speakers use Infinity’s Plus One+ woofer technology which extends the cone right up to the edge of the basket, giving you more surface area than with most comparable speakers. A bigger cone means more bass to complement the superior high-frequency response.

Speaking of high-frequency response, Infinity uses edge-driven 1″ soft dome tweeters in this system. The “edge-driven” design allows for a larger tweeter that handles much more power and plays a lot lower, so there’s a better transition between the high frequencies and the midrange frequencies. Thereby, you’ll hear a more clearly defined soundstage, as well as every nuance and detail in your favorite music tracks, making time spent in your car seem more like a concert than a commute.

Additionally, these speakers use Infinity’s UniPivot design which allows you to adjust the angle of the tweeters and aim them toward your ears for excellent stereo imaging even if the speakers are mounted way down low in your car doors. On top of that, each of these tweeters feature a level control switch so you can adjust the brightness to your taste.

All in all, the bass that these speakers provide isn’t overpowering but there is plenty of it. The the mids and highs however are well pronounced and clear.

Infinity’s Kappa 62.11i 6-1/2″ speakers can handle up to 75 watts RMS, and sport a sensitivity rating of 95dB, and if that means anything, it means that they’ll sound great running off your factory headunit, but they’ll truly come into their own when hooked up to an external amplifier.


3- Polk Audio DB6501

Size 6-1/2″
Design Component
Frequency range 35-23,000 Hz
Power Handling 
  • RMS: 100 Watts
  • Peak: 300 Watts
Sensitivity 92 dB
Top-mount Depth 1-11/16″
Impedance 4-ohm

Polk Audio is a pretty big name in the loudspeaker industry. They’ve been in business for decades and have mastered the art of providing great sounding speakers of different types.

For decades, Polk has been churning out affordable car speakers that hit the sweet spot when it comes to balancing performance, build quality, and value. Their dB series of speakers are among the top rated car speakers in the market, and that’s no coincidence.

Polk Audio dB series of speakers are very well-engineered. They offer excellent sound performance for the price, and look more expensive than they’re thanks to their stylish stainless steel mounting hardware and ABS wheel-design grilles.

The DB6501 are some of the best 6.5 car door speakers that Polk Audio has to offer. These 6.5-inch two-way component speakers are designed to be a high-grade replacement to factory-installed speakers.

These speakers have long been a favorite of audiophiles, thanks to their incredible sound powered by 6.5-inch woofers and 1″ liquid-cooled silk/polymer composite dome tweeters. They boast a 35Hz to 23kHz frequency response and have 92 dB sensitivity, giving you all the range and power you could want. Speaking of power, these speakers can handle up to 100 watts of power on continuous basis (RMS).

These speakers deliver a great mid-range and decent highs, though to produce better lows, drop a subwoofer into the mix. That’s not to say that the speakers lack bass. They have decent bass response but a sub is definitely needed for a well rounded system.

Polk certifies their db Series speakers for marine applications. So, in addition to being great car speakers, they’re also a great choice for your boat, motorcycle, or ATV.

4- Kicker DS65

Size 6-1/2″ & 6-3/4″
Design 2-way coaxial
Frequency range 40-20,000 Hz
Power Handling 
  • RMS:  50 Watts
  • Peak: 100 Watts
Sensitivity 90 dB
Top-mount Depth 1-7/8″
Impedance 4-ohm

We have talked about Kicker several times before. Kicker is a major brand and one of the pioneers in the car audio industry, so naturally we wanted to include their DS65 speakers in our list of the best car door speakers for bass.

The DS65 6.5 speakers by Kicker aren’t that expensive. However, they’re designed to be a decent replacement to stock speakers. That said, if you’re on a strict-budget and you’re looking for a significant upgrade from your factory speakers no muss, no fuss, Kicker DS65 speakers are for you.

These speakers produce such clean sound and never seem to distort. They have excellent treble and midrange, however, the bass is not very strong. So, If you already have a subwoofer in place, or if you do not listen to heavy bass music, then these speakers would a decent choice.

The Kicker DS65 6-3/4″ 2-way speakers have great sound, and are really easy to install. They use stiff polypropylene cones bonded to heavy-duty polyester foam surrounds. Their 1/2″ balanced dome tweeters belts out the high-frequency details.

These speakers have a frequency response of 40Hz to 20kHz, and a sensitivity rating of 90 dB. They can handle up to 50 watts of power on continuous basis (RMS).

Dollar for dollar, Kicker DS65 are great car door speakers for the money. They are definitely a good upgrade from stock speakers.

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