About Us

Hey There, my name is Alex Brown, I’m a car audio enthusiast who loves everything from new receivers to car security. I’ve been in this industry for years now. I enjoy creating solutions and simplifying everyday needs. I have worked at many local car audio shops here in L.A, California before I set up my own small local car audio shop.

I started out small – answering phones, helping customers, booking appointments and keeping the store tidy. I quickly found that I thoroughly enjoyed helping clients with their needs. It was a pleasure to match them to the right product within their budget and I enjoyed educating consumers on various aspects of car audio. I also found they appreciated my assistance.

CrystalStereo is simply an extension of the work I do in my shop. It reflects my desire to help out and the joy I gain from doing so.

After so many years in a retail service oriented business, I’ve grown to understand that we are all truly connected in this world. For better or for worse, I see and treat my customers like my own family and I do my best to guide them as I would my own family members.

You have questions, want to share your story or get involved in any way? Please feel free to contact me.

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